COVID-19 Prevention Rule on the Trail
  • Jeju Olle|2020-07-08



It is expected that more people will visit Jeju Island and Jeju Olle Trail during the upcoming holidays due to warm weather and slowdown in the number of newly confirmed coronavirus cases in Korea. the foreign examples, however, we have witnessed that a moment of carelessness might lead to resurgence of the virus. 


Please follow the Korean government’s guidelines on COVID-19 as “high-level social distancing” drive will be maintained until May 5th. Abstain yourself unnecessary outdoor activities, social gatherings, eating-outs, events and travels. Keep the rules on personal hygiene. 


For your safe hiking on Jeju Olle Trail during the holidays (April 30th ~ May 5th), Jeju Olle Foundation shares social distancing principles with you as below:


1. Give smiles or nods to others instead of verbal greetings

2. Do not hike in groups

3. Keep distance other hikers

4. Wear masks on public transportation or in public places (restaurants, coffee shops, tourist attractions, tourist information centers, etc.)

5. Clean your hands with hand sanitizers

※ It is common courtesy to wear masks on Jeju Olle Trail.  


We do acknowledge difficulty of having limited outdoor activities due to the virus.


However, for everyone's safety including hikers and residents in the island, please be little more patient in enduring the 'high-level social distancing'.


Thank you for your patience and understanding.