[END] Temporary Closures and Detours around Popular Sunrise Spots on Jeju Olle Trail
  • Jeju Olle|2021-01-05


Visiting popular sunrise spots such as Hallasan Mountain and Seongsan Sunrise Peak is strictly prohibited in accordance with the Korean government's special COVID-19 precautionary measures during year end and New Year's Day. The restriction began on December 24th, 2020 and will last until January 3rd, 2021.


Some sections on Jeju Olle Trail routes are also off limits, and trail signs are now being installed to give direction for detours. Please make a detour around these spots.


[as of 17:00, December 30th, 2020]

- Route 1: Malmi Oreum, Al Oreum

  *Climbing Seongsan Ilchul-bong (Sunrise Peak) is not allowed, but Olle Trail is still accessible.

- Route 1-1: U-do Lighthouse

  *Detour signs are yet to be installed.

  *The regular ferry to U-do Island is not sailing due to inclement weather.

- Route 2: Gwangchigi Beach, Daesusan-bong(peak)

  *Detour signs are yet to be installed.

- Route 4: Pyoseon Beach

- Route 5: Keun-eong(hill)

- Route 6: Jejigi Oreum

  *Make a detour along the wheelchair section. 

- Route 8: Berinnae Oreum

- Route 10: Songak-san(mountain)

- Route 12: Suwol-bong(peak)

  *Climbing the peak is not allowed, but Olle Trail is still accessible. 

- Route 17: Dodu-bong(peak)

- Route 18: Sara-bong(peak), Byeoldo-bong(peak)

- Route 19: Seowoo-bong(peak)

- Route 21: Jimi-bong(peak)


If you find blocked trails without any sign, please call us at 064-762-2190 (Jeju Olle Call Center).

Thank you for your understanding.