Terms and Conditions of Service

Chapter 1 General Provisions

Article 1 (Purpose)

he purpose of these General Terms and Conditions is to define the conditions, implementation methods and other fundamental technicalities of the Internet services offered by Jeju Olle Foundation (hereafter referred to as “Jeju Olle”).

Article 2 (Definition)

(1) “Website” means a virtual Internet space operated by Jeju Olle using Information & Communication Technology facilities, such as computers, for provision of information, goods and services.

(2) Depending on the purpose, the “website” may be consisted of multiple “websites” of different domains and a user may access and use all of the “websites” without further procedures after completing registration on one of them.

(3) “User” means those who log in to the “website” and use the service offered by Jeju Olle as stated in terms and conditions.

Article 3 (Amendment to the Terms and Conditions) Any amendment will be effective when posted to users.

(1) Jeju Olle may make amendment to the Terms and Conditions within the framework of related law, including Law on contract regulation, Electronic Transaction Framework Act, Digital Signature Act and Act on Communications Network Utilization.

(2) After the website makes amendment to the Terms and Conditions, as far as the amendment does not violate related rules and regulations, it will apply to all users, including those who registered beforehand.

Article 4 (Regulations outside the Terms) Matters not set forth in the Terms and Conditions shall be governed by related regulations.

(1) Jeju Olle will not use user’s personal information for other purposes than Jeju Olle’s service provision nor provide the information to other individuals, third parties and regulators. However, for better service, we may share user’s personal information with a third-party partner. In this case, we shall notify the users individually via email or written correspondence who the third-party partner is, what kind of information is necessary, when and how the provided information is protected and handled and obtain agreement from the users. If the user does not agree, we shall not collect additional information nor share the information with the third-party partner.

(2) However, this does not include the case where we provide personally unidentifiable information for billing, statistics, academic research, market studies purposes, within the framework of a certain regulation of Act on Communications Network Utilization.

Chapter 2 Membership Registration and Service Use

Article 5 (Validation of Agreement)

(1) The agreement is valid after a user agrees to the Terms and Conditions and Jeju Olle approves the request of service use from the user.

(2) Jeju Olle may access the information of the user for the approval procedure.

(3) The user may indicate agreement to be bound by this Terms and Conditions by clicking on the “AGREE” button at online registration.

Article 6 (Registration for Service Use)

(1) If a user wishes to use the service as a registered member, the user may register by entering the information necessary for registration (name, contact information, etc.), and Jeju Olle may request additional personal information for service improvement purpose.

(2) Jeju Olle may reject the request of service use in following cases:

① The user registered under a false name or someone’s name.
② The user intends to use the service illegally
③ The user intends to use the service for profit
④ The user entered false information at registration
⑤ The user registered with the intention to harm social order and custom
⑥ The user does not fulfill the conditions set by Jeju Olle

Article 7 (Service Use)

(1) Jeju Olle may temporarily close the service for system maintenance, loss of communication and other irresistible forces.

(2) Jeju Olle assumes no responsibility for compensation in the event of loss or damage caused by the reasons stated in clause 2.

(3) Jeju Olle may provide all information deemed necessary for service use via email or written correspondence.

(4) Bound by related rules and regulations, children aged 14 or younger shall obtain consent and agreement from legal guardian for registration.

①In case a prospective user aged 14 or younger wishes to obtain consent and agreement from legal guardian, the legal guardian shall accompany the prospective user through the registration process, choose whether to agree or not and enter the name, social security number and contact information. .
② ①As a complementary measure for clause 1, Jeju Olle may verify consent via phone, fax, postal mail and email and further implement reasonable methods of verification.
③ Jeju Olle may approve the registration of the user aged 14 or younger after verification of consent from legal guardian.
④ Legal guardian of the user aged 14 or younger shall take extra caution with his or her social security number from the user aged 14 or younger as it is critical to consent.
⑤ Legal guardian may withdraw agreement at any time; however, the withdrawal does not exempt the legal guardian from accountability for service use.

Chapter 3 Responsibilities and Obligations

Article 8 (Protection and Use of Personal Information)

(1) Jeju Olle shall collect minimum personal information lawfully and fairly to the extent necessary for registration.

(2) Jeju Olle shall obtain consent and agreement from user to collect and provide personal information that year.

(3) User may browse and modify his or her personal information and withdraw to delete.

Article 9 (Jeju Olle’s Obligations)

(1) Jeju Olle shall provide the service consistently and reliably as stated in the Terms & Conditions.

(2) Jeju Olle shall devise technical solutions for security of personal information that includes credit information and assure secure management and make concerted efforts toward user security.

(3) Jeju Olle shall not give away nor distribute user’s personal information without consent to others, unless requested by a national institution bound by related laws and regulations such as law on telecommunications.

(4) Jeju Olle shall handle any feedback or complaints deemed appropriate without delay or otherwise notify the user the reason for the delay and processing timeline thereafter.

Article 10 (User’s Obligations)

(1) The user shall use his/her real name and accurate information only when registering or revising membership information and, if he/she registers false information or other’s information, will become ineligible to practice any rights.

(2) The user shall abide by the Terms and Conditions, various regulations outlined by Jeju Olle, general announcements of Jeju Olle and related laws and regulations and the user shall not engage in acts that impede business of Jeju Olle or defames Jeju Olle.

(3) Except for the case Jeju Olle takes full responsibility under related laws and regulations and Privacy Policy, the user has full responsibility for all consequence of improper maintenance of ID and password and unlawful use.

(4) The user may not transfer or give their own rights or status on use contract to others nor provide as collaterals without written consent from Jeju Olle.

(5) The user shall not infringe on intellectual property rights of Jeju Olle and third party.

(6) The user shall not engage in following acts and, if otherwise engaged, Jeju Olle may restrict service use and impose appropriate sanctions on the user including a lawful measure.

① Providing false information during the course of membership application or change of member information
② Co-opting personal information of others as his/her own (ID, password, social security number)
③ Trading user ID with others
④ Misrepresenting himself/herself as Jeju Olle’s management, staff or other personnel
⑤ Changing Jeju Olle’s client program, hacking the Jeju Olle website or changing a part of whole of the website or the content published on the website with no rights granted from Jeju Olle
⑥ Duplicating the information acquired from the service without authorization from Jeju Olle, utilizing the information for publication and broadcasting or providing the information to third person
⑦ Sending, posting or circulating vulgar or obscene information, phrase, shapes, sounds, videos that is otherwise detrimental to good public morals
⑧ Sending, posting or circulating any content that is insulting or deals with personal information to the extent it could infringe other’s honor or privacy
⑨ Using the website or any content to upload, post, email, transmit or otherwise make available any unsolicited or unauthorized advertising, promotion materials, “junk mail”, “spam”, “chain letters”, “pyramid schemes”, or any other form of commercial or non-commercial solicitation or bulk communications of any kind
⑩ Sending or posting information (including computer program) that are prohibited to do so by related laws and regulations
⑪ Posting or sending via email any material that contains software viruses, other computer codes, files or programs that are designed to prohibit or destroy normative operations of computer software, hardware and telecommunications device
⑫ Committing harassment such as stalking
⑬ Collecting, storing and disclosing other users’ personal information without consent
⑭ Taking advantage of the Jeju Olle website by advertising, propagating or spamming to unspecified individuals
⑮ Violating the regulations on other service use as stated in the Terms and Conditions for the Jeju Olle website

Chapter 4 Termination of Contract / Restricted Service Use

Article 11 (Termination of Contract / Restricted Use)

(1) When a user wishes to terminate the contract, the user himself has to select the withdrawal option on the website and file for termination.

(2) Jeju Olle may terminate the contract without notice or restrict service provided for a designated time period in following cases:

① The user provided false information at registration
② The user was involved in criminal proceedings
③ The user planned to use the service or used the service against social good
④ The user used stolen ID and password or duplicate registered using a different ID
⑤ The user commited Defamation, libel and slander
⑥ The user posed a threat to the service and impeded proper use
⑦ The user violated related regulations or any other conditions set forth by Jeju Olle

Article 12 (Revocation of Restriction Procedure)

(1) When Jeju Olle intends to restrict service use as outlined in Article 11, Jeju Olle shall notify the user or his/her legal representative the reason for restriction and restriction period via written correspondence or phone, unless assumed necessary to immediately suspend the use by Jeju Olle.

(2) The user or his/her legal representative restricted to use the service in accordance with Clause 1 may appeal the decision by filing a petition.

(3) Jeju Olle, bound by the appeal procedure of clause 2, may delay the suspension until the appeal has been reviewed and verified and shall notify the result to the user or his/her legal representative.

(4) Jeju Olle shall revoke restricted service use without delay once the reason for restricted service use has been resolved and confirmed during the restricted period.

Chapter 5 Published Content

Article 13 (Deletion of User Published Content)

(1) Jeju Olle may delete user published content in following cases without notifying the user and may restrict, suspend or revoke the user’s membership thereafter.

① The user defamed, abused, pirated, threatened, harassed or otherwise violated the legal rights of others such as privacy and right to publication
② The user published, mailed, posted, distributed or disseminated any inappropriate, blasphemous, defamatory, infringing, obscene, indecent or unlawful topic, name, material or information
③ The user uploaded files that contain software or other material protected by intellectual property laws unless the user owns or controls the rights thereof or has received all necessary consents
④ The user uploaded or distributed files that contain viruses, corrupted files, or any other similar software or programs that may damage the operation of the website or another’s computer
⑤ The user advertised or sold certain product or service for profit
⑥ The user conducted or forwarded surveys, contests, pyramid schemes or chain letters
⑦ The user downloaded any file posted by another user of a service that the user knows, or reasonably should know, cannot be legally distributed in such manner
⑧The user falsified or deleted any author attributions, legal or other proper notices or proprietary designations or labels of the origin or source of software or other material contained in a file that is uploaded
⑨ The user restricted or banned other users from using and enjoying the service
⑩ The user posted vulgar or obscene content that disturbs public order or good social morals and customs, any content that propagates, slanders, or defames certain religion or any unscrupulous content triggering regionalism.
⑪ The user violated rights of others, including but not limited to copyrights
⑫ Any act deemed unlawful against related laws and regulations

Article 14 (Copyrights of Published Content)

(1) Copyrights and ownership rights of the content published on the service remain attached to the user who published it.

(2) In case the content infringes on someone’s intellectual property rights, the user who published the content takes full responsibility.

(3) Copyrights of the content provided by Jeju Olle

① Jeju Olle reserves all right with respect to copyrights and Intellectual property rights of all content provided by Jeju Olle. In case the content is published by an outside publisher, not affiliated to Jeju Olle, Jeju Olle and the outside publisher equally share the copyrights and other intellectual property rights.
② The user shall not reproduce, circulate, publish, re-distribute or broadcast the information obtained from the Jeju Olle website (including emails) for profit. (This does not apply to the case the user uses the information for personal purposes.)
③ Jeju Olle assumes no responsibility for the content provided on other websites through a link nor its confidentiality.
④ Jeju Olle may delete, relocate or refuse to publish any content posted or submitted for posting by a user, when determined applicable by all clauses of Article 13, without notice.

Article 15 (Jeju Olle’s Liability for Published Content)

(1) Jeju Olle assumes no responsibility for censorship of published content

(2) The user shall take extra caution at publishing any content on the user or his/her children, as all bulletin board systems (BBS) are part of public telecommunication and therefore is vulnerable to disclosing personally identifiable information.

(3) Jeju Olle assumes no responsibility for published content and any event that is a consequence of user’s engagement in BBS.

Chapter 6 Indemnification and Other Provisions

Article 16 (Indemnification) Jeju Olle assumes no responsibility for indemnification with regard to all free services provided by Jeju Olle to the extent stated in privacy policy.

Article 17 (Exemptions)

(1) When Jeju Olle cannot provide services due to natural disasters, war or equivalent irresistible forces, Jeju Olle is exempted from its responsibility for service provision.

(2) Jeju Olle is exempted from its responsibility for service provision in the event of damage or loss caused by inevitable reasons such as the telecommunication service provider’s fault or maintenance, replacement, routine inspection or construction of service facilities.

(3) Jeju Olle does not take responsibility for an obstacle to service use, caused by a reason attributable to a member.

(4) Jeju Olle does not take responsibility for the loss caused by user’s computer error or insufficient entry of personal information and email address.

(5) When a member does not make any profit expected from service provision of Jeju Olle or makes a loss due to his or her selection or use of service data, Jeju Olle does not take responsibility for it.

(6) Jeju Olle does not take responsibility for the vii. Jeju Olle does not take responsibility for information and data that a user posts on the service, and the reliability and the accuracy of facts.

(7) Jeju Olle does not take responsibility for damage or loss caused by information and data obtained from the service. Also, Jeju Olle assumes no responsibility for mental damage of a user caused by other users.

(8) Jeju Olle assumes no responsibility to intervene in disputes between users or between a user and a third person nor compensate for damage and loss.

Chapter 7 Accumulation of Donations and Use

Article 18 (Accumulation of Donations)

(1) A user may accumulate donations using cash payment methods (CMS, credit card, deposit, wire transfer, micropayment, etc.)

(2) Details of each fund will be posted on the Jeju Olle website.

Article 19 (Utilization and Distribution of Donations)

(1) Donations accumulated will be used towards Jeju Olle management and route development based on Jeju Olle’s allocation principle and procedure.

(2) Donation usage and tracking reports will be handled with transparency through regular posts on the Jeju Olle website or postal mail.

Chapter 8 Other Provisions

Article 20 (Grievance Handling) Jeju Olle accepts and processes user inconveniences, complaints and other feedback regarding personal information management and service use via website, email, phone and written correspondence.

Article 21 (Dispute Resolution and Jurisdiction)

(1) When Jeju Olle and user engage in a dispute over personal information, Jeju Olle and the user may request for grievance mediation at Personal Information Dispute Mediation Committee.

(2) When a lawsuit is filed on a dispute around the service such as fee, it will be settled by the court that has jurisdiction over the location of Jeju Olle or the court that abides by the Korean Civil Procedure Code.

(3) Korean law is applied to interpretation, application and resolution of dispute with regard to the Terms and Conditions.

Additional Clause

(Date of Enforcement) The Terms and Conditions are effective as of July 8, 2019.