Route 07 : Jeju Olle Tourist Center - Wolpyeong Olle



Total Distance : 17.6Km  Total Time : 5-6hour   Difficulty :

Route 7 is a coastal Olle starting at Jeju Olle Tourist Center, passing through Beophwan-pogu(port) and finishing at Wolpyeong. Near the start of this trail is the breathtaking rock spire of Oedolgae and its surrounding cliffs. You will hike along the beautiful Oedolgae known for its outstanding scenery and Olle hikers' all-time favorite ecology trail 'Subong-ro.' Subong-ro’ is built solely by an former Olle Ranger, Mr. Subong Kim, back in the time when Jeju Olle Foundation was surveying the third route. Mr. Kim made walk-able path with a hand shovel and pickax on the path only goats used to walk. There used to be no way of walking the rugged and wild ‘Dumeonimul- Seogeon-do(island)' route, but staffs and volunteers of Jeju Olle handpicked stone by stone off the trail and renovated it into a new coastal path. The route earned a new name, 'Ilgangjeong Badang Olle'.

No wheelchair accessible area on this route.

Wheelchair Accessible Area

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Route Tip

There are some restaurants in Beopwhan-pogu(port) and the town. If you can hike fast, you can get something to eat at Kensington Resort or Gangjeong Village.

Olle Trail Ranger

It is not a problem even if it is your first time to the Jeju Olle Trail.
Let go of the fear of an unfamiliarity and bring excitement for new encounters.
  • Lee, Hyunggi

Official Information Center

You may receive leaflets, guidebooks, and purchase basic souvenirs such as Jeju Olle Passport at the Jeju Olle Information Centers. Do not foret to stop by and get information you needed.

Jeju Olle Information Center (Jeju Olle Tourist Center)

Location : 22 Jungjeong-ro, Seogwipo-si

(08:00~23:00, Open year round)

Public Transportation Information

The public transportation system of Jeju Island has been entirely changed recently and still it's changing. Please double check the up-to-date information of the bus number and route before you take it.

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How to find the Starting Point
How to find the way back from the Finishing Point

It is a rocky island in Cheonji-dong, Seogwipo City, Jeju Island. The 20m tall island is located at the southern foot of the Sammae-bong(peak). It is called 'Oedolgae' because it stands tall alone. It is the rocky island d at the volcanic eruption 1.5 million years ago, and there are few pine trees growing on it.


It is a forest path with a rugged rock precipice and evergreens. You may observe the beautiful scenery of three islands, Moon-seom and Sae-seom to the east and Beom-seom to the southwest. Everything unfolds beautifully. ‘Dombe’ means cutting board in Jeju dialect and ‘Nang’ means trees. There used to be a lot of trees with cutting board resembling wide leaves.


There are many assumptions around the name of this island. It is marked as 'Budo' on the produced in 1709. The name 'Seogun-do' is an incorrect recording of the Korean pronunciation for a rotten island. It has become a rotten island due to wasted soil in the island. Twice a day at low tides, the seawater splits into two, and the way to the island surfaces.


The deep valley with abundant water continues to the ocean. Villagers come by to cool the summer heat.


Olle hikers' all-time favorite ecology trail.' Subong-ro is built solely by an Olle Trail Ranger, Mr. Subong Kim, back in December 2007 when Jeju Olle were surveying the third route. Mr. Kim d walk-able path with a hand shovel and pickax, on the path only goats used to walk.

Ilganjeong Badang Olle

The ‘Dumeonimul- Seogeon-do(island)' coastal route that was not walkable at all and was reinvented into 'Ilgangjeong Badang Olle' by Jeju Olle in February 2009. The rugged and wild rock field has transformed into a beautiful black carpet with gentle stones. Stones were handpicked one by one it is a path of care and compassion.