Route 10 : Hwasun - Moseulpo Olle



Total Distance : 15.6Km  Total Time : 5-6hour   Difficulty :

This coastal route begins at the Hwasun Golden Sand Beach and ends at Hamo-ri in Daejeong-eup. The route passes by Sseokeun-dari(bridge), Hwangwoochi Beach, Sanbang-san(mountain) and Songak-san(mountain). You will see magnificent figure of Sanbang-san(mountain) in the beginning of the route and you can see the small island communities of Mara-do and Gapa-do in the distance. As you pass the coastal town of Sagye, be sure to turn around to catch a spectacular view of Halla and Sanbang Mountains behind you.

Wheelchair Accessible Area

Difficulty :

Distance : 2.9km / Sagye-pogu(port) ~ Songak-san(mountain) Parking Lot
Starting Point : 2147-32 Sagye-ri, Andeok-myeon, Seogwipo-si

A flatland trail which continues through the lovely Sagye coastline and leads to the entrance to the dense forests of Songak-san(mountain). No accessible bathroom is available.

Route Tip

There are many restaurants at Sagye-pogu(port) and the entrance to Songak-san(mountain). There are many raw fish restaurants and local restaurants near the finishing point, Moseulpo-hang(harbor).

Olle Trail Ranger

It is not a problem even if it is your first time to the Jeju Olle Trail.
Let go of the fear of an unfamiliarity and bring excitement for new encounters.
  • Kim, Eunjoo

Official Information Center

You may receive leaflets, guidebooks, and purchase basic souvenirs such as Jeju Olle Passport at the Jeju Olle Information Centers. Do not foret to stop by and get information you needed.

Jeju Olle Information Center (Hwasun Golden Sand Beach)

Location : 813-6 Hwasun-ri, Andeok-myeon, Seogwipo-si

08:00~17:00 (Lunch Break 12:00~13:00)
Close on Luna New Year and Korean Thanksgiving Day

We connect with trails around the world

The Jeju Olle Foundation launched a global marketing project to promote the Jeju Olle Trail, twinning a course to a trail abroad. You can find Jeju Olle outside Korea at 11 different Friendship Trails in Greece, Italy, Canada, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Japan, Turkey, Taiwan(province of China), Australia, and Lebanon.

10 Jeju Olle Friendship Trail

Swiss Hike Leman Lake Wine Route

  • Location : St.Saphorin ~ Lutry
  • Difficulty : Low
  • Distance : 11km, 3 hours

St. Saphorin in a diverse route going uphill and downhill through the Lavaux Vineyard to Lutry. Lavaux is the largest contiguous vineyard region in Switzerland, and its daringly constructed hillside terraces have been protected by UNESCO since 2007.

Public Transportation Information

The public transportation system of Jeju Island has been entirely changed recently and still it's changing. Please double check the up-to-date information of the bus number and route before you take it.

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How to find the Starting Point
How to find the way back from the Finishing Point
Sanbang Yeondae(smoke signal tower)

Yeondae is a pillar installed at the front near the border in Joseon Dynasty. There are trenches around it and on top are temporary buildings to store weapons and daily necessities. There used to be six officers and 12 soldiers looking after the smoke signal at Sanbang Yeondae.

Hwasun Golden Sand Beach

It is one of best destination for family swim with soft sand and shallow water. Toward the ocean is the brother island, and, to the inland, a full view of Sanbang-san(mountain) is presented. The outdoor spring water pool opens every summer.

Altteureu Airfield

'Altteureu' means 'a vast field down below' in Jeju dialect. The Japanese saw the need for an air station for invasion during the Japanese occupation. They started building one in Jeju Island, which sits right in between Japan and China, 1926. In 10 years, the Japanese finished building a 163-acre-large airfield, and even transferred a marine airport in Omura to Altteureu and doubled the size to 326 acres. It is today used as a history education site, lively depicting the atrocities of the Japanese.


A bell-shaped lava lump d 800,000 years ago can be observed anywhere in Southwest Jeju. Sanbang-san(mountain) has a myth related to Halla-san(mountain). Long ago, a hunter spotted a deer in Halla-san and shot an arrow unfortunately, the arrow missed the deer but flew straight at the buttocks of the Great Jade Emperor. The angry Emperor plucked a peak Halla-san and threw it to the west into the ocean. The lost mountain is Baekrokdam Crater today and the plucked mountain in the west sea is Sanbang-san. It is fascinating to note that the circumferences of Sanbang-san and Baekrokdam Crater are about the same.