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Check the ‘Walking Mate’ schedules on the ‘프로그램’ -> ‘전체일정’ page at Jeju Olle Trail Website(KOR).
You can select a date, type a number of participants and click Apply button.

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E-mail : (9am-6pm, weekdays)

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Daily Walking Mate Program

  • ‘Walking Mate’ program runs by native Jejuite senior volunteers(called ‘Akajabong’). This program is for hikers who are beginner of Jeju Olle trail or want to walk with people. And it is free for everyone. However, Please understand ‘Walking Mate’ program offer Korean only at the moment. We are sure that you have a bundle of joy with them.

    If you need a guide tour, please refer to our ‘Trail Guide Service’.
    Trail Guide Service

  • Notice

  • Reservation required
  • 1 Route in a Day
    We understand that you are very enthusiastic hiker, so you may want to hike more than 1 route in a day. But, you can only reserve 1 route in a day.

    (If you reserve more than 2 route in a day, all the reservation will be canceled automatically)

  • Departure is sharply at 9:30am.
  • Cancellation
    - If you are unable to attend due to the circumstances, please be sure to cancel the reservation.
    - If no one signs up on a date or under bad weather condition, cancellation may occur. Please make sure to check the notification after 5pm on the website or email us to confirm the schedule by 5:30pm on a day before the event
  • If you plan to hike for more than three hours, it is convenient to pack some snacks, water, and lunch money.
  • Please wear long-sleeve tops and bottoms, and bring sunglasses, a hat with a wide brim, and a raincoat.

    (Make sure to bring emergency medications and sunscreen if it is necessary.)

  • ‘Walking Mate’ program can be changed or canceled under the Corona situation or safety issues.