Care for the Nature and People

Clean Olle is a trail clean up campaign on Jeju Olle Trail. It’s a voluntary campaign encouraging Jeju Olle hikers to clean after themselves and even others to keep the nature clean and beautiful. You make your trip even more meaningful with participation.

We look forward to your participation in the Clean Olle campaign.

How to Participate in Clean Olle Campaign

  • Pick up a Clean Olle plastic bag at a 'Jeju Olle Information Center' or 'Jeju Olle Information Kiosk' on each route.

    There are two types of plastic bags: 20-litre garbage bag and 30-litre recycle bag.
  • Collect the trash from trail and put it in the Clean Olle plastic bag.

    The plastic bag is not for your own trash. You must pick up the trash from the trail. Separate the recyclables from general waste.
  • Fill the bag and throw it away at clean house(designated dumpster) on the trail.

    ① Take a picture of yourself – must be smiling! – with the full Clean Olle plastic bag and the clean house on background to get the Clean Olle stamp(1 stamp per participation)
    ② If you throw away the Clean Olle bag at a clean house off the trail, you will be charged with penalty.
    ③ Clean Olle plastic bag is acceptable only on the trail. You may not use it as the standard trash bag
  • Show your picture at the nearest 'Jeju Olle Information Center' or 'Jeju Olle Kiosk' and get a stamp on your leaflet.

  • Collect 8 stamps to receive a Clean Olle souvenir.

Clean Olle Souvenir

Souvenir One!

Must-have item for hiking in the intense sun, CAMP CAP!

And one more!

Those who finish all routes of the Jeju Olle Trail while taking part in the Clean Olle Campaign will receive ‘Clean Olle Finish Medal’.

Receive Souvenir at

Jeju Olle Tourist Center 1F / 064.762.2167

About Clean Olle

  • To receive a Clean Olle stamp, you must show three photos to the Jeju Olle Information Center. One taken at the Stamp Ganse at the starting point of any route, on taken at the finishing points of any route and one taken at Clean House near the trail. Get the confirmation stamp on your NEW Clean Olle leaflet.
  • To receive Jeju Olle Trail Certificate of Completion and a medal, you must get all three of the starting point, mid-point, and finishing point stamps of each route on your Jeju Olle Passport. Those stamps on the Clean Olle leaflet are for Clean Olle Finisher’s Medal, and they are separate from the one for finishing the Jeju Olle Trail.
  • Those who have stamps on the old Clean Olle leaflet will receive ‘Clean Olle Bandana’ after collecting six stamps, as far as the inventory holds.
The newly designed Clean Olle souvenirs are not for sale. These are for those who participate in the Clean Olle Campaign – protecting nature and keeping the Jeju Olle Trail clean. The Clean Olle Campaign is sponsored by VOLVO Korea, who makes the Wonderland Jeju beautiful.

Clean Olle Day

Hosted every second and third Saturday of the month, Clean Olle campaign is open to anyone with the love and passion for Jeju Olle Trail.

If you are committed to keeping the trail clean, you are more than welcome to join. Details, including the exact time and routes, will be posted on Jeju Olle website’s 'Notice' section two to three weeks in advance.

·Inquiries : Jeju Olle Foundation < >