Hall of fame

Jeju Olle Finishers who Completed 27 routes, 437km of the the Trail

Jeju Olle invites you to Hall of Fame

At Jeju Olle Trail Hall of Fame, you get to see all hiking masters, who have completed the 437km-long trail, connecting oreums, coasts, and villages. Why don’t you rest, hike and enjoy the beautiful nature around the island to let your heart fill with happiness?
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How to be on Hall of Fame

  • Purchase a passport at a Jeju Olle Information Center.
  • As you hike, make sure to get stamps at the starting, mid and finishing points. (*Missing up to 3 mid-point stamps of the entire 26 courses are allowed and will still qualify for a certificate of completion.)
  • Confirm your passport at Jeju Olle Tourist Center in Seogwipo-si to receive the certificate of completion and medal. (* You may choose blue or orange for the medal.)
  • Take picture of the thru hiker for Hall of Fame.
  • Confirm uploaded picture on the Jeju Olle website at [Hall of Fame] and start spreading the word about your achievement.
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Pick up location of Certificate of Completion

Location : Jeju Olle Tourist Center (Address: 22 Joongjeong-ro, Seogwipo-si, Phone Number: +82 -(0)64-762-2167
Time : 09:00~18:00
Requirement : Jeju Olle Passport with all of the stamps
Inquiries : jejuolle@jejuolle.org


  • We only accept one passport per person.
  • If a group of two or more or married couple is sharing a passport, you will receive only one copy of a certificate of completion and a medal. However, we will make sure to put everyone’s name on the certificate.
  • You will receive a certificate of completion and souvenir, free of charge, for the first time. If you lose them for any reason, we will give you a replacement for once only. You will have to pay for the shipping.