People who bring the energy to Jeju Olle Trail

Management of 26 routes that add up to 425km in total sometimes becomes beyond our capacity. You sometimes just want to give it up while preparing events after events, including Jeju Olle Walking Festival. But we know in our heart of hearts that everything will work out just fine. We owe this to thousands of volunteers, who just show up from nowhere in the blink of an eye helping us realizing every single bit you experience on the trail.

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Jeju Olle welcomes volunteers to help with conserving the trail, nature and stories of Jeju. Once you become a volunteer, you can explore or repair the trail, make Ganse dolls as a member of Ganse Doll Workshop or lend a hand at festivals or exhibitions.

Volunteer Programs and Eligibility

  • Regular Volunteer (flexibility with times and roles in one year)

    ① Commit at least two days a month
    ② Commit for a minimum of one year
  • Short-term Volunteer (specified times)

    Those who can volunteer during events and festivals or specific period of times
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Programs and Benefits

Programs Activity Details
Trail Mainenance Maintenance of Jeju Olle Trail including signpost repair. Experience with lawn trimmer preferred.
Ganse Doll Workshop You can make Ganse doll with old clothes or leftover fabric. You may also participate in Ganse doll exhibition either as creator or as operator. If you think you are a talented sewer or just good at making things, join us!
Jeju Olle Trail Program Operation Volunteer to take part in a variety of events, festivals or exhibitions that are either organized or hosted by Jeju Olle
Talent Sharing Translation, interpretation, design and other services that require a particular specialization or profession
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