Find Out Hidden Stories on the Trail from Experienced Trail Guide

Don’t you want to know how this pathway was built? If there is anyone living on that island? Why there are so many shrines in Jeju? Explore your curiosity as you hike. The tales Jeju Olle Trail Guide tells will make your trip even more enjoyable.

The Trail Guide leads your hike on Jeju Olle Trail and tell Jeju’s history, culture, geology and vegetation you encounter on the trial. The tour is guided by those who completed Jeju Olle Academy’s Trail Guide program and offered in Korean, English, Japanese and Chinese.

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(Charged Service / Pre-reservation Required)

  • Foreign language-speaking guide (English, Japanese, Chinese) : Up to 12 people / ₩280,000

    • Make Reservation for Trail Guide Service

      • Sign up or consult with the Jeju Olle Foundation at least a month ahead of the trip. For inquiries on schedule and fees, please contact Jeju Olle
      • Foundation at / +82-(0)64-762-2173